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Our special decanter for great wines

The world of the sophisticated wine culture is in a class of its own. Anyone who has ever seen the art of wine pressing on wine-growing estates which are rich in tradition, tried the best wines or worked with wine, sees wine with different eyes - and even tastes it differently. For special occasions there are great wines which are served in big bottles like "Goliath" or "Methusalem" with a volume up to 27 litres. It requires special skills to decant these wines artfully and unfold the flavour for maximum enjoyment of wine: but the Les Grands Vins decanter makes it possible.

Nothing less than elegance and way of life!

Wines in big bottles with special features like glass structure or tops cannot be opened with the help of normal bottle openers. This would be an affront. High-quality wines are always decanted. To decant (derives from the French verb "decanter", i.e. "transfer", "pour off") means that the wine gets air and the natural grounds of a well-pressed wine are separated. With the help of our unique decanter the wine unfolds its flavor and the gourmet can enjoy the full taste of the wine. Our decanter creates a perfect symbiosis of bottle and craftsmanship decanter.

The Les Grands Vins decanter: perfection and style at the highest level.

Fields of application

Our Big Bottle Decanters make it possible to serve precious wines - as well as sparkling wine and champagne - directly at the table, bar or at home with the help of individual adjustments.

We strongly recommend our decanters for:

  • wine growers and wine-growing estates
  • wine merchants and wine stores
  • the elevated catering trade
  • hotels and resorts
  • discotheques, bars and clubs
  • event agencies
  • and private wine connoisseurs

Our special service for your decanter

Your decanter - your individual business card

There is a way of serving great wines, champagne and sparkling wine with the help of one of our precision decanters, similar to a study by Leonardo da Vinci, more exclusively and creating a special experience for your guests and friends.

Get an individual writing for your Big Bottle Decanter and turn your decanter into a unique masterpiece. Our experts only need the desired text or name for an engraving.

Contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Some references

See below for some examples of our Big Bottle Decanter with individualized writings.

Even the famous three-star cook Heinz Winkler, proprietor and chef of the hotel "Residenz Heinz Winkler" in Aschau im Chiemgau, Bavaria, doyen for many years of the legendary restaurant "Tantris" in Munich and one of the internationally renowned gourmet cooks is convinced of the Big Bottle Decanter.

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